Have You Heard of Cavitation Slimming Machine?

    If you want to lose weight and make your body more attractive, the cavitation machine is what you need. This machine will help you shape a good body figure by accelerating fat burning. It is safe and has no scar, sure to surprise guests. Cavitation machines are very popular in the weight loss market. People can use these machines in beauty salons, even at home. This is a good weight loss and body sculpting device, not only effective but also easy to operate. If you want to make your salon more popular in your city, you might need the cavitation machine. You will have some questions about them. From how they work, types, features, and maintenance to price, you should know everything before purchasing them.

    Here are a few questions commonly asked when people buy a cavitation machine. Read on to find out more!

    1.How Do Cavitation Machines Works?

    2.How Often Should I Have a Treat?

    3.Is It Safe to Use Cavitation Machines?

    4.What Do I Need toPaid Attention to When Operating The Cavitation Probe?

    5.How Do I Know Which Cavitation MachineIs Best For My Company?

    6.What Does a Multifunctional Cavitation Machine Do?

    How Does Cavitation Machine Work?

    Cavitation machines can send ultrasound waves deep into the skin, where air bubbles form around fatty deposits. Then when the bubbles burst, the cellulite is broken down. The lymphatic system then converts these fat cells into waste products that are expelled.

    How Often Should I Have a Treat?

    Usually once a week. The number of treatments can be increased or decreased depending on the comfort level of your client. If the client feels unwell, the treatment should be stopped.

    Is It Safe to Use Cavitation Machines?

    Ultrasonic cavitation Focused ultrasound only acts on the fat layer and adipose tissue and has no effect on other organs and tissues in the body. It is very popular at the moment, and therefore does not cause any harm to the body. You can use it safely with your customers.

    What Do I Need to Paid Attention to When Operating The Cavitation Probe?

    1.The cavitation probe is mainly used for weight loss molding items, especially the refractory adipose tissue, which can prolong the action time of the cavitation probe. Therecommended operation time is 10-25 minutes, which can be adjusted according to your customers.

    2.Before use, it is recommended to perform a soothing massage on the operating area for 5-10 minutes to help customers relax their bodies.

    3.It needs to be used together with the corresponding weight loss essential oil/fat cream/weight loss gel and other fat burning products to achieve better weight loss effect.

    How Do I Know Which Cavitation Machine Is Best For Ladimen?

    There are portable and standing cavitation machine that you can choose. Most of cavitation machine are not only provide the cavitation probe, but also multipole RF probe, vacuum RF probe,ultrasound probe,lipo laser pads, etc.. Obviously different probes have different function. Ladimen provides 80K/40k ultrasonic cavitation machine,multifunctional cavitation machine and lipo cavitation machine and so on. This kind of multifunctional cavitation machine include several probes in one machine that can achieve multi-customer’ need.

    What Does a Multifunctional Cavitation Machine Do?

    Body slimming & shaping

    Eliminates eye bags & Remove dark circles

    Promotes the absorption of nutrients

    Skin lifting & tightening

    Improving skin elasticity

    Anti-wrinkle &reduces crow’s feet

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